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MC Ren Lyrics
Artist: MC Ren
Album: Shock of the Hour
Song: You Wanna f**k Her
Typed by: WakMasterA@aol.com

You wanna f**k her, do you wanna f**k her,
The b***h is a ho, yo I thought I'd let you know
You wanna f**k her, nigga you can f**k her,
The b***h is a ho yo I thought I'd let you know

The b***h is a stripper but thinks she's a star
Still rides the bus, can't afford a f**kin' car
Try to be the s**t, needs a foot up the ass
Ya stanky stanky b***h get a new bus pass
I see her all the time gettin' kicks from hard d**ks
Your pussy really stinks, who the f**k bought you drinks
At the club, waitin' till two
So you can have a niggaz d**k shoved in you
Yo, don't know the meanin' of cleanin' your cock
Ya burnt seven niggaz, yo, around the block
You always leave a trail, 'cause your pussy, it smell
f**kin' ho, ya need to quit thinkin' that you're the s**t
Your stomach fulla nut and just flushed a baby
Ya dumb f**kin' b***h yo ya must be crazy
So get back in your place ya little b***h I ain't no sucka
'Cause all my niggaz f**ked her


Well here we go in this video b***h
Crabs on her pussy, got no choice but to itch
Yo, she suckin' niggaz d**k for two seconds of airtime
Went so fast, didn't see your triflin' ass
Always at the functions f**kin'
Always into somethin', f**k it, you ain't worth nothin'
You're like a disease that's what you are
f**ked the Whole Click in the back of my car
Then had the nerve to leave a stain on my seat
I shoulda slapped yo ass for doin' the same to my sheets
Every week you're on Soul Train
Lookin' like a ho, doin' the same f**kin' thing
Stretch marks, lookin' all nasty and s**t
Tryin' to keep down your shirt to prevent from gettin' hurt
But 'cha brought it on yourself ya ho
Ya lost a stupid b***h and don't know where the f**k to go
So quit tryin' to pretend
'Cause you'll get broke down by a nigga named Ren
So peep it out real slow
Next time you about to pimp a ho


If ya wanna f**k her think again
She might not be the type of b***h you wanna put your d**k in
But she might suck a good d**k, yo, and make ya nut quick so
Never let her go 'cause she's nothin' but a ho
But then again she might start to b***h 'cause she's nothin' but a b***h
Shoot the b***h, a dead b***h, then bury the b***h, a gone b***h
What else can I say to take the place of that?
I saw my nigga DJ Trane shoot a b***h in the back