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MC Ren Lyrics
Artist: MC Ren
Album: Shock of the Hour
Song: Attack on Babylon
Typed by: WakMasterA@aol.com

"Is America like ancient Rome?"
"Is America like ancient Babylon?"

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.
I wanna hear from you"

I told ya Ren'll be back with the niggaz in the Dodge and the camoflauge
But it after Tahj, a million niggaz no mirage
Creepin' and we're creepin' in your little white Hutz
20 million niggaz chantin' I don't give a f**k
It's on, the switch got flicked but who did it?
When that s**t was committed, f**k that was my mack
Niggaz gettin' crazy 'cause Ren is in the front
With supreme wisdom, puffin' on a blunt
Train by my side tearin' up s**t
With his bulletproof vest, still yellin' double S
The whole community is up in a rage
'Cause niggaz be movin' closer to white motherf**kers'll make 'em as slaves
And then they put these sell out niggaz on the TV
To try to calm down niggaz like you and me
But f**k that s**t, 'cause my eyes are closed
'Cause Ren ain't got time to be f**kin' 'round with them hoes
So I see ya at the grave where we bury 'em
Even motherf**kers that went out and even married 'em
Now it's time to attack take this motherf**ker back
Bring it on, and it's on

Attack, attack, attack on Babylon

Here comes the doom, so listen to the tick of the tock
Can't keep niggaz off your block, don't forget we got the glock
And the sawed-off, and the trey 8's
And the duce duce, and the niggaz in the pen breakin' loose
So Ren will conduct this, but I pull my dick and say suck this
For the niggaz that say f**k this
That ain't down, and step foot into the car
To commit the 187 with the nigga they call outlaw
But who gives a f**k who pulled the trigger
'Cause I know some b***hes that shot up a gang a niggaz
Gettin' off the reservations, breakin' up the docks
Doin' this with 15 shots
Babylon, a great look at the b***h while she fall
Dyin' like a motherf**ker with no one to call
Now it's time to attack, take this motherf**ker back
You bring it on, and it be on


Where the f**k ya gonna run, when the f**kin' ground starts shakin'
Niggaz don't be waitin', niggaz be constantly makin'
Niggaz with no hesitation, a f**k up in this nation
To murder the caucasian, the Asian invasion
So here we come, come, come
My nigga Rhythm D is on the drum, drum, drum
The mayday, oh it's a dreadful day
When no motherf**ker can come out to play
It goes (5 gunshots)
Niggaz lettin' off and the s**t is all that
So stay inside the house if you ain't down
'Cause you might get caught up you sad faced clown
Then I'll bring ya to ya knees, f**kin' with these
f**kin' with niggaz that's a hive a bees
We go stingin', but dumbass niggaz keep singin'
No time for singin', too busy swingin'
So it's time to attack, take this motherf**ker back
Y'all brought it on, so now it's on