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MC Ren Lyrics
Artist: MC Ren
Album: Shock of the Hour
Song: All Bulls**t Aside

Yeah, check this out, Ren is back in this mothaf**ka for 93'
For all ya'll punk ass niggaz that thought I was'nt gonna do this s**t,
Back there talkin' all that s**t, won't believe me and my shoots,
f**k all ya'll niggaz cuz I come back hard 93',
So all you punks mothaf**kaz check yourself niggaz!

I killed that b***h that waited 40 ounces
Start hittin' my switches cuz my 40 bounces
Lean to the side like a mack would do
Or I can come off like a G and mothaf**ka I'll jack you
Cuz niggaz be talkin' that s**t cuz I'm f**kin' the rest and I can't scrap
Who needs to scrap, my niggaz commin' from de back.
So b***hes hold your panties up, tick your tits
Cuz mothaf**kin' Ren is makin' mothaf**kin' hits
Still sportin' cackies keep my dick in my dickies
Only wave 'em up when b***hes wanna give 'em hickeis
Other than that, I'm lookin' up for #1
Cuz #2 I did'nt trust so my nigga had to bust
Burry him in the back another weedplants
My niggaz said it was the reason why the weed is so dope
Grab another b***h twist the panties off the top
Open up my mouth and let the old english drop
Buzz for a minute - could'nt walk a straight line
But that s**t don't stop Ren from writin' a rhyme
And punk mothaf**kaz can't hide, from a nigga
homicide all bulls**t aside ..

kick it ..

Yeah, put de f**kin' bulls**t aside [oh yeah, yeah]
Yeah, put de f**kin' bulls**t aside [you wanna f**k with me?]
Yeah, put de mothaf**kin' bulls**t aside [nigga step off nigga!]
Yeah, put de mothaf**kin' bulls**t aside [mothaf**ka]

Take donations from my niggaz for de booth
I thinkin' of gettin' a case better yet I get two
Slap up de phone 6 3 2 15
b***hes ring the bell - it's a f**kin' tight jeans
A kiss on my chick but my dick is gettin' jealos
She whispers she want suck and when we're not around de fellows
f**k that s**t, b***h, do what you gotta do
Cuz when you're f**kin' with Ren ho' my niggaz peoplez too
Now I'm zippin' on my blue black car
Thinkin' of the times in the blvd
I saw people out there gettin' gangsta s**t
Niggaz shootin' every night - niggaz lootin' and s**t
Sendin' niggaz straight to the coffin
And this type of s**t in the streets it's very often
The s**t is like an everyday thang to me
A lot of niggaz on my block I have 'em slang for me
But that ain't s**t, my true niggaz stay down
De plasma hard G'z don't be f**kin' around
And why would you even think to hide,
Nigga cuz you got all bulls**t aside, check it ..

Yeah, put de f**kin' bulls**t aside [yeah nigga]
Yeah, put de f**kin' bulls**t aside [nigga you think you can f**k with me?]
Yeah, put de f**kin' bulls**t aside [that is not what I said]
Yeah, put de mothaf**kin' bulls**t aside mothaf**ka

Train came in in some cackey shorts
And he came up on the hand at the basketball court
Takin' niggaz money shootin' dice at the pawn
The mothaf**ka starts to leave when it starts to get dark
Cuz Ren has don't got no mothaf**kin' name,
When he's shot by a nigga from my mothaf**kin' game
The niggaz in de house just kickin' it
b***hes on they're knees straight lickin' it
Ren is in control, b***hes call me the mesaiach
I zip on some old drink fool so I can stay higher
Cakeys is krist, fresh from the surplus
My little nigga ball starts to pull up a fass
So now they drunk his beer so he put out a tatoo
So we walk the tommy dog that's the will nigga anthem
So Juvi' pass the movie it's "American Me"
The only movie that's allowed to be watched by a G
Now b***hes just commin' out of blockz and flatz
So you can hear a smokin' ho's yo for rockz and blantz
Takin' these b***hes for a ride, treat 'em all like
Ho's all bulls**t aside ..