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Artist: N.W.A.
Album: Efil4zaggin
Song: Real Niggaz

Prisoner, like a hostage yo,
You should've covered your motherf**king head like an ostrich.
Deep in the dirt cause you'se a sucker,
And your ass up high so I can kick the motherf**ker.
Don't try to hang, you best avoid,
Cause my foot'll be so far up your ass you'll get hemorrhoids.
Before you try to f**k with Ren,
I'll put two in your ass, and you'll be s**tting in size ten.

First come, first serve,
Who else got the nerves, step up and give what you deserve.
From the word of a motherf**king hip-hop maniac,
Braniac, so what you oughta do is step the f**k back.
Now how the f**k you think a rapper lasts,
With your ass ain't s**t, that is said in the past.
Yo, be original, your s**t is sloppy,
Get off the d**k, you motherf**king call-the-coppy.

Falling deep in the drums, with many of styles,
That's one of the reasons a nigga ran a hundred miles.
Cheating and out, beating the crowd, I kept seating,
But weak motherf**kers biting off, and they kept eating.
Styles they got are full of bull, cause their vocals are local,
In nightclubs, and not getting paid in full.
They got the nerve to cuss,
only reason niggaz picking your record is cause they thought is was us.

Yo, give 'em what I gotta give, do 'em what I gotto do,
You don't care for me, so who gives a f**k about you.
You can't harm me, alarm me,
Cause we're the generals in this f**king hip-hop army.
The Niggaz With Attitudes if you didn't know,
We blow, flow, and didn't move slow from the get-go.
Yo, time for some taking,
Yo f**k this s**t, Yella kick the break in.

(Aaaah!) It's the real thing,
you are now (real, real) niggaz! niggaz!

You can run, but you can't hide, you know I'ma find ya,
Cause a nigga like Ren's only two steps behind ya.
Don't look back because you're shaking and all scared,
A nigga in black can be your scariest nightmare.
So sleep with the lights on, forget that the mic's on,
Don't step on the motherf**king stage with our nights on.
Don't see a psycho, and then you just might go,
Mentally f**ked up when I let the rifle blow.
All these niggaz with the gibber-jabber,
But couldn't kill a fly with a motherf**king sledgehammer.
Gangsters in black are out there,
But only because, yo, it's the s**t that we wear.
On my motherf**king d**k,
But I'ma love it when you drop like a motherf**king brick.
So yo, step up, go to bed, cause if you're misled,
You'll get a motherf**king bullet in your forehead.

Eazy (Ren):
Black, the good, the bad, the ugly, see,
I love streetwise, nigga you know me.
Rolling with some real niggaz, playing for keeps,
But you motherf**kers know who run the streets.
With that hardcore, hip-hop, rap-s**t,
(Now how much harder can another nigga get).
Trying to be like us, sound like us, drift like us,
(Ashes to ashes and dust to dust).
So nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, nigga, please,
Since you're on the d**k why don't you drop to your knees.
Cause I'm a motherf**ker that's out to kill,
Eazy E, a nigga that's real.

Real niggaz, straight off the streets of Compton.
Quick to getting your s**t without a second thought.
And if your ass gets smoked, it's my bullet you caught.
So if you're talking s**t about the niggaz in black,
Bow down to the kings, and raid a half.
They're played out, that's what niggaz were chatting,
One nigga left, and they said we ain't having it.
People thought we was finished and done with,
But if you think about it, yo, we really ain't done s**t.
Catch, so cover your ears, and wipe off your tears,
And quit sniffing all over my d**k for new ideas.
And when the new record comes, don't come like a f**king bum,
Asking for f**king money to buy you a f**king crumb.
You're on the d**k so far, niggaz not one,
And when it comes to d**ks, you don't even have one.
So braze yourself, to make sure you don't get f**ked up,
Cause if I let you slide, it's just cause you're locked up.
Don't come up my face again, because I'ma floor ya,
And if you're a b***h, I'ma f**king ignore ya.
Because my attitude's a little bigger,
Cause MC Ren is one of the real niggaz.

Lost in the motherf**king world of madness, sadness,
But Dre is just a nigga that's glad it's
sucker motherf**kers like you making whack jams,
because it only you shows you how dope I am.
Never try to ignore us,
When I'm expressing, stand still like you're full of riggermortis.
Cause I'm a real nigga, but I guess you figure,
You could break me, take me, but watch me pull the trigger.
Dre is just a nigga with heart, a nigga that's smart,
A nigga that's paid to say what others are scared to play.
We started out with too much cargo,
So I'm glad we got rid of Benedict Arto.
Yo, N.W.A., criticized for what we say,
But I'ma do this s**t anyway.
Cause I'm the motherf**king doctor, never faking,
Yo Yella, kick the motherf**king break in.

(Aaaah!) It's the real thing,
you are now (real, real) niggaz! niggaz!
(Aaaah!) Yeah motherf**ker, it's the real thing,
you are now (real, real) niggaz! niggaz!

N.W.A., straight outta motherf**king Compton,
Taking over s**t in all of the nineteen-nineties,
Yo, Dr. Dre, DJ Yella, Eazy E, and I am MC Ren, yo,
N.W.A. taking over this motherf**ker y'all...