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Artist: N.W.A.
Song: Niggaz 4 Life

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Well it's because motherf**kers want to blast me
And run me outa my neighborhood
They label me as a dope dealer
Yo! And say that I'm no good
But I can't find jobs so niggers wouldn't have to go out
Gave up some dope on the corner so they could show out
When the cops came, they gave a fake name
Because the life in the streets is just a head game
So therefore, to make more
A fifteen year old black kid will go and rob a liquor store
And get shot in the process
He ate up a nine bullet and now he's put to rest

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
I guess it's the way s**t has to be
Back when I was young gettin a job was murder
f**k flippin burgers
'Cause a deserve a nine-to-five I can be proud of
That I can speak loud of
And to help a nigger get out of.
Yo! The concrete playground
But most motherf**kers only want you to stay down
But I'm a smart motherf**ker you see
One of the best producers in the rap music industry
Gettin paid like a mother f**ker
A young brother who don't give a f**k about another

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Because police always wanna harass me
Every time that I'm rollin
They swear up and down that the car was stolen
Make me get faced down in the street
They throw the s**t out my car on the concrete
In front of a residence
A million white motherf**kers on my back like I shot the President

Why do I call myself a nigger, you ask me?
Because my mouth is so mother f**kin nasty
b***h this, b***h that
Nigger this, nigger that
In the mean while my pockets are gettin fat
Gettin paid to say this s**t here
Makin more in a week than a doctor makes in a year
So, why not call myself a nigger?
It's better than pulling the trigger and goin up the river
And don't I get called a nigger anyway?
Booked as a motherf**ker and locked away
So... so, cut out all that bull s**t
Yo! I guess I'll be a nigga for life

{ Niggers, crack-heads, thieves.
If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go. }

Nigger. Nigger. Nigger
Nigger. Nigger
Nigger, please
I'm treated like a f**kin disease.
You say: why can I call myself a nigger so quick?
Cause I can reach in my draws and pull out a bigger d**k
Yo! niggers say nigger we cool
But, cracker say nigger not to f**k up
But I got to be a fast nigger
Not to be the last nigger
Or I have to beat your ass, nigger
In the city you see action first
Then hear about it later
In a verse I curse
Because I [?] with this to keep my s**t straight bumpin'
Murder created by the streets of Compton
I get it from the underground poet
I live it, I see it, and I write it
Because I know it
And if you think I'm f**king your wife
Your mother f**kin' right
Yo! Because I'm a nigger for Life

Nigger, this
Nigger, that
The actual fact is that I'm black
And bound to attract
The attention of another
I mean the other
But I'm a mother f**ker that'll have them running for cover
You see, I don't give a f**k about nothing
Except getting paid, getting b***hes, and [?] with stitches
Which is all needed to read it and find a rhyme
And then it's time to say
The nigger's here to stay
But what about the fake niggers, the house niggers
To get paid quick they gotta suck a fat d**k
But NWA is outta your mother f**kin' range
We ain't gonna change a mother f**kin' thing

I call myself a nigger 'cause my skin won't whiten
I call myself a nigger 'cause the s**t that I'm writing
Hypes me, hypes other mother f**kers around me
And that's the reason why they want to surround me
And ask me: why do I call myself a nigger-o
Ain't none of their f**kin' business 'cause I'll let the trigger go
So get out of my presence, and get out of my sight
'Cause MC Ren is a nigger for Life

You're a nigger 'til you die
If you're a poor nigger, then you're a poor nigger
If you're a rich nigger, you're a rich nigger
But you never stop being a nigger
And if you get to be educated, you's an education nigger

It's plain to see, you can't change me
'Cause I'm a be a nigger for Life